Friday, November 21, 2008

The Sunshine State- In Pictures

As promised, here are the pictures from our visit to the Sunshine State.

First, we paid a visit to a local dairy farm.

Here Jeremy and Kyra are hand feeding a bottle to some baby cows.
Apparently, the cows enjoyed their lunch.
Next, Jer started taunting the cows. Or tried to kiss them, I'm not exactly certain which is actually going on here...
After the cows were fed we started on the corn maze. Even with a map, it took us 20 minutes to complete what I'm certain was 30 feet worth of trails. Kyra was extra cute and adorable during this part of the dairy experience thanks to the long strip of reed she used as a walking stick. Because you know just how well a dried up piece of long grass is going to help you.
A few days later we took Kyra to see the naked mermaid show! Okay, so really this statue was the only thing that was lacking clothes, but Kyra insisted on taking a picture with it while gushing "look at this beautiful dermaid, Mommy!"
Here Kyra and Jeremy are intently watching the bird show. Don't they look so sweet?
After the bird show, they posed for another photo op inside the clam shell. Jeremy told Kyra to act like she's afraid the clam is going to eat them. Some days I think I should only be too lucky...
We ended our trip at Granma's house. My most favorite place in the whole wide world. I keep trying to talk the old lady into leaving the land and her various number of critters to Jer and myself in her will. She refuses. Because I'm a spiteful person I posted a picture of her here. Not like it would do any good anyhow, she never reads my blog.
But I kid, I kid. Granma really is one of the most awesome people I know, even if she won't leave me in her will. My mom swears she didn't use to be so cool but often I beg to differ. As far as I know, this is the lady I hope to resemble in youthfulness and spirit when I grow old.

Think my mean ass has a chance in hell of aging this beautifully inside and out?

Ya, I have my doubts too!


  1. looks like a fun trip ... Rachel's looking over my shoulder and asked Granma's name and i told her and she stated that she remembered roasting marshmallows over the "tree branches on fire" last spring. apparently she and her land have made a big impression on more than just you. :-)

  2. i love all your pictures, but am disappointed to not see ONE preggo pic of yourself!!! :)
    And like I keep saying, come back to where we met!! PLEASE!! :)