Monday, November 24, 2008

Look! More Pictures and Not One of My Pregnant Belly!

Guess what?! We had snow on Friday. Not a single bit which stuck to the ground and stayed but it was big fat flakes of snow none the less!

In other news, I have another OB check up today. I'm seriously considering asking the doc if he could just cut me open tomorrow and take this little termite out because, frankly, I'm done.

I am so uncomfortable and hormonal and I'm tired of crying and wishing a car would leap out of no where and just end it all and, damn it, I need some good drugs. Or a husband who understands that avoiding me by playing video games is NOT going to make my whacked out hormones go away.

So, what are the odds the Doc will agree to slice me open at 34 weeks?


  1. not good odds, but let me know if you need me to get you checked into a psych ward ("against your will" so that tricare will foot the bill) for the next month for your family's safety ... :-)

  2. I wanted to see belly pics, lady!

  3. Highly unlikely. Maybe they'll sedate you for the next month instead. :)

    Hang in there.

  4. that picnic table looks quite familiar. AND am so sad to hear you ARE NOT moving here...DAMN YOU NAVY!!!!!!!!!!!! :( hmph.

    Linsy! Hey, happy turkey day!!

    And when are you due!?

  5. AND! this: =P

    is for your headline!! HA.

    Linsy again!