Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Start Spreadin' The News

Hey Ya'll! Guess where I've been!

Vay-cay-tion! Vay-cay-tion! We went on vay-cay-tion!

It was our first family vacation in 3 years. The last time Jeremy has had time off work was three years ago when Kyra was brewing in my belly. We drove 20 hours- did you hear that? 20. Hours. with two dogs and a 2 year old -to The Natural State.

Or as I like to call it, Land of the Country Bumpkin.

Its Jeremy's home state and where my paternal side of the family resides. Even then, they don't live anywhere remotely close to one another, so after our 20 hour drive we still had to criss cross the state to see everyone. Gotta love the 4 dollar gas prices when you're traveling around in a gas guzzling SUV.

For 2 weeks we were all lost in our own bliss in the sticks. I came home 3 pounds lighter. Kyra came home in love with 4 wheelers and cows. Jeremy came home with chigger bites. The Babies came home with a flea infestation they've never-ever had before. Our time was lovely.

The best part of our vacation is the fact that we've all come home smiling, still speaking with one another and Jer and I aren't on the verge of signing divorce papers. Significantly better then our last family vacation. Always a good sign.

We were on a mission this vacation. We had to spread all kinds of wonderful and glorious news. It went a little something like this.

Kyra, take this picture to so-and-so and tell them "I have a present for you."

And they took a look and said, "Oh, Kyra, this is a picture of when you were a baby!" And Jeremy would chime in and say "Um, you might want to check the date on that." And they all screamed and cried and hugged and congratulated and Jer and I got all flustered and embarrassed over the attention.

The picture was similar to this one:

Except this one is from today and a much better shot.

Here are the stats as they stand today:
We started trying January 1st.
Success took place in early April.
Positive test the 28th of April.
Baby is 15 weeks and so far looks healthy.
I've lost 10 pounds to date!
Due date is January 6, 2009.
In and around week 39 they will decide weather or not I can deliver VBAC or repeat C-Section.

So, what'd'ya think?

You're not going to be all cocky and snottish and say "Oh, I already knew." because if you say that it'll just piss me off and I'll call you're bullshit. Some family members tried to pull that already and I just laughed because if the people we hang out with on a daily basis had no idea, people living in completely different states wouldn't figure it out either.

Besides, I'm hormonal and lets be really nice to me, m'kay?


  1. yay!! she/he is so cute. ;-)

  2. woo hoo!!! Congratulations!! We are so happy for you!! And you are not supposed to be losing weight when you are pregnant!! Take care of yourself and little whoosit too!! Love, Grandma Trish

  3. HOLY CRAP!!! Congratulations!!!!!! That's so awesome!!!! :D :D :D LOVE the u/s pic!!! :D

  4. Congrats from Nebraska and your adopted family!! Anxious to see you in August!

  5. WOW!! CONGRATS!!! I am so happy for y'all!!!

  6. YEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I WAS WONDERING WHERE THE HELL YOU HAD BEEN? I was starting to think you had falling off the face of the earth, I missed having something to read every night, as I too am completly hormonal huge and wondering when the hell the alien inside of me might decide to make her apperence, in book this afternoon would be fine, but technically tuesday is my due date! grrrr Anyhow hope all is well with you guys take care of yourself,and keep in touch we will let you know when baby number decides to grace us with her presence!

  7. Congrats on another beautiful blessing!!Welcome back! :)

  8. Wow, you managed to bring Heather out of hiding with this announcement. So double congratulations go to you, my dear.

    Oh, and PS, I totally knew already.
    OK, no really.

  9. Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you. So glad baby is healthy.

  10. Sweet!!!I am just glad that you aren't dead!! But congrats and I so did not know!! Instead I thought I was pregnant about the same time as you. But I'm not. Cute way of telling people!!! Congrats again!!!