Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ask and You Shall Recieve... Pictures of My Off Spring

Lisa has requested to see picture of the lovely and beautiful Kyra. So much talk of buns in the oven lately, picture of Kyra haven't been updated in quite some time. And, honestly, I have nothing better to talk about today so why not make it easy on myself and post a blog full of pictures?

Look at those toes, don't you just want to eat them? Oh, well, maybe that's just me. But I think they are irresistibly cute!
And this is Kyra's best attempt at listening while I asked her for the 800 gazillionth time to "Just look at Mommy and smile, please."

Clearly, however, its not hard to smile when she's showing off her latest bit of loot she talked Jer and myself into buying for her. Unbeknown to her, there was purpose in this purchase...

We're leaving for the Land of the CornHusker in a week and this will be what we're packing her carry on entertainment in- toys, books, snacks. Enough to entertain her for half a day, if need be, when all we really need is 3 hours worth of fun.

This was last night's bath. She laughed and giggled for no apparent reason other then the delight of getting her hair wet.

It delights my heart to see her so happy in these carefree moments. It makes me think I might be getting the hang of this whole parenting gig after all.


  1. You and Jer make some great looking babie(s). Thank Gosh you decided to do it again!

    She looks like a perfect little model! :)

  2. You're a terrific parent. IF everyone loved their kids as much as you love Kyra, we'd have a lot less trouble in this world. And yes, her toes are adorable.