Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Today, Heaven Opened Its Gates and the Angels Smiled Upon Me

(Q) You know what's better then having a child with a cold that just won't go the fuck away?
(A) Having a perfectly healthy child!

Kyra is going on a week and a half of sneezing, coughing and dribbling green snot from her nose. Remember the last time I complained about her having a cold? It was one month ago. That's it. One, little, itty-bitty month. I swear, the child has most of my looks, a great deal of my attitude and her father's immune system (or lack there of) thrown in for good measure.

Last week I was convinced she was going to eventually cough up one or both of her lungs. I was quite disappointed when she didn't. It would have been fun to see what it looks like on the outside of the body.

The cough and snot fest started to subside but never completely left.

Monday brought on a lack of appetite and a testier child then normal.

Tuesday morning Kyra vomited in her cereal bowl. As well as the table, her hands (which she swiped through her hair), a trail from the table to the potty and finally finished the never ending up chuck in the potty. Happy but easily cranky attitude continues though most of the day.

Wednesday brings an easily offended and crying toddler from the get go. Complaints of leg pains begin from the instant she climbs out of bed. Then, after lunch, the diarrhea kicked in.

I'm done. This is the cold that just doesn't stop giving and I call the pediatrician for reinforcements. The surprising and shocking thing of the day is not only can they fit me in, but "Can you be here in an hour?" Um, hell ya!

This is the first time she's seen her newly assigned pediatrician so I'm weary considering the last two visits.

I was thoroughly impressed from beginning to end with the new clinic and doctor. Every word that came from my mouth was listened to, notes taken and not shoved off as crap. Kyra's exam was fully hands on. She was looked at and touched from her ears to her legs.

Ears: looks good.
Nose: filled with snot.
Mouth: no obvious signs of sickness.
Neck: swollen lymph nodes.
Chest: raspy, gunky sounding lungs.
Belly: normal.
Legs: Kyra points out that they hurt, but no obvious signs as to why.

Diagnosis: She contracted one cold virus and as she was getting over that, contracted another, different cold virus.

I kept saying "She was getting better, then platoed, and now she's just off and pitiful in her day to day manner and refusing to eat more then 3 bites for meals."

They said the first cold was probably all upper respiratory. This second cold is upper respiratory as well as body aches and pains, thus the cranky behaviour and refusal to eat. She plain just doesn't feel good. Give her some Tylenol to help with the aches and pains and the upper respiratory should be good and gone in a week. If not, follow up next week.

We came home, gave her a dose of Tylenol and Voila! she's a whole new kid again. Magic! She still refused to eat her supper but she didn't cry and complain.

Who would have thought? Tylenol is the cure all. Hmph? Coughing and snot I can do. A cranky toddler who wants nothing more then to be permanently attached to my body for 3 days? Administer the Tylenol.

It's like Heaven opened its gates and the angels smiled upon me.

Now, if we can just get rid of all these damn colds.


  1. Huh, far as I know you don't vomit with a cold and you certainly don't have any aches and pains. That's called the flu.

    Gotta love doctors hey? Absolute freakin morons.

  2. Sooooo....

    Believe it or not ... BUT, James reenlisted! We are moving back to the East .... andddddd! We'll only be 6 hrs away from each other!!! :)

    Hope little bit gets better! Give miss Kyra a big ole' hug for me!!!