Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Good and The Bad

The good thing about Jeremy not being on deployment during this pregnancy is he can run out and get me random food items because "the fetus wants it."

Like, for lunch when I really wanted a Firehouse Sub or, tonight, after we left our friend's house where we were fed a full supper and I was happy and content but got home only to peruse the day's mail and find a menu for a local hole in the wall restaurant that has cheese fries with ranch dipping sauce. "Honey, the fetus wants these! Please? I love you!"

The bad thing about Jer not being on deployment is I have apparent sever bubble issues while pregnant. I don't want to be touched, kissed or have anyone closer then 12 inches from any point in my body. Jer doesn't understand this concept and throws his hands up every time I yell at him to "Don't touch me!" when he rubs my leg, puts his hand on my shoulder or leans in for a kiss and lingers to long.

You'd think after 4 weeks of my bubble issue he'd have the hint by now. But, no. He has yet to grasp this idea.

Still, the idea that he brings me home a Coke Slurpee every time he visits 7-11 far out weighs his lack of basic understanding when it comes to my bubble issues.


  1. Ah my "hubby" should take some lessons and pointers from yours. Instead he mopes and whines and skywrites how much I don't love him because I don't want to be SMOTHERED anymore. GAAAAAH. Also? When I'm just plain irritated and pissed off with him for doing something so monumentally STUPID (though quite clearly MALE) it's just the pregnancy talking. /slamsheadintotile

  2. Awww! Who knew a coke slurpee could make things all better again! Man, I could KILL for one of those right now. I wonder how many points.. Hahah!