Monday, July 28, 2008

This Is What Happens When I Have Nothing To Say

I have had such a fabulous weekend I don't know how to put it into words. We didn't do anything specific. Shopped. Rearranged the living room. Cleaned house. Church. Window shopped. Ate ice cream for supper. The exciting part was that things just got accomplished. It wasn't another wasted weekend and that has absolutely thrilled me to pieces.

Friday evening Jeremy made our living room look completely different by simpling exchanging the couch on one wall with the television on the other wall. The results, after 5 months of living here I finally want to actually hang pictures on my walls. It doesn't look thrown together anymore, it's starting to look like a home. Which is quite nice.

After all, we still have at least 7 more months left living at the Mason Dixon Line.

I also bought my first piece of maternity clothing for this pregnancy. It was a dressy pair of crop pants that I would like to wear to a wedding I'll be attending in a month. What I learned from this purchase is that I'm not quite "maternity" size yet. But I'm hoping this might change in a month. At the very least, pop out just enough to hold my pants up. If not I'll be duct taping the suckers to keep the modest appearance I'm going for.

We've also decided we'll be needing a new stroller/car seat combo for the new babe when it gets here. We plucked Kyra's stroller out of the trunk to confine her so I could try on clothes and Jeremy wouldn't have to fight so hard keeping Krya both stationary and entertained. When he picked up the front wheels to hop a curb, one of the wheels fell off. Didn't roll away, just stayed where it was while the rest of the stroller carried on.

Combine the three wheeled stroller with the car seat Jeremy broke the canopy off years ago, we now have ourselves an excuse to buy something else over priced, shiny and new!

Seriously, it's the easy things in life that get us off.

Besides, Saturday I cleaned up the stroller, made it look less used and hauled it off to the local Goodwill. Hey, maybe some needy person knows what to do with at three wheeled stroller and a perfectly good car seat that's missing its canopy.

Oh, look there. I said I had no words to explain what a glorious weekend we had and there I go, rambling on. Guess I underestimated myself again. Or, maybe it's because I'm tired and I know if I shut up I might just actually fall asleep. And we wouldn't want that to happen, now would we?

Really, I don't know where Kyra could possibly have picked up that trait. Yawn! RUN RUN RUN because if I stop I just might collapse in a heap where I stand! Certainly sounds nothing like me...

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  1. I'm pretty sure everyone loves buying shiney new things! I know Ray and I do! woohoo!