Sunday, August 03, 2008

Gymnastics or Ballet?

The debate of whether to enroll Kyra in gymnastics or ballet has been solve.

We took Kyra ice skating on Friday. Rented a walker, taught her how to stomp on the ice to help her walk. By the end of our session Kyra was ditching the walker in an effort to set out on her own.

Sunday brought another day on the ice. No walker this time. This is our first few minutes on the ice and look at how well she's picked up this balancing and walking routine:

By the end of our session she was not just walking across the ice but running! The child has absolutely no fear of falling because when she does she simply scoops up a handful of snow and proceeds to eat it. Apparently this is her treat for being a good sport.

The catch is, classes are expensive. Affordable but expensive.

With a certain little girl's birthday coming up, we will gladly take cash donations to help pay for her lessons...


  1. How cute! Just one question: Where in the world did you find an ice skating rink in the middle of summer!?

  2. She's adorable and apparently you've found her natural talent!

  3. awww to cute! But I have the same question as lindsey?

  4. Year round ice rink. Fabulous concept. Especially in the summer time heat!