Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Um. Blah.

That's how I feel today. It's how I've felt since supper last night.

I've tried to ignore it. Even went out with a girl friend today. I tried to chalk up the yucky feeling in my stomach to the heat and the oh-my-God, is all this humidity really necessary? Yet, even in my air conditioned home I feel even worse. Like I'm about to toss my cookies at any minute.

I barely munched down a salad for lunch. Supper was an even more difficult feat. And now I've sent Jeremy out for Sprite in hopes that will settle my stomach.

Can I ask you all for a favor? Send me some get healthy vibes? Jer has duty tomorrow and an entire day with Kyra while desperately wishing she would just take a siesta and sleep all day is unbearable just to think about. I hate ignoring my child but if Mama doesn't start to feel any better by dawn Kyra's going to have a rough day thanks to a bug I've picked up from somewhere.

So, got some healthy vibes? Anyone?


  1. Hope you feel better! I spent last Thursday hugging the toilet EVERY two minutes.. So there is a bug going around!

    But, just maybe, could your bug be baby related?!

  2. At 18 weeks, I hardly doubt it's baby related. My guess is it's more Kyra related. Seems I have the same symptoms she was showing last week. No wonder the poor child was to irritable.