Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Go Ahead, Kick Me While I'm Down

I got no sleep last night because I was certain if my eyes actually closed, that would be the exact moment I would have to vomit and not make it to the bathroom in time.

No such luck. Even as I begged my body to just rid itself of whatever was upsetting my stomach.

This morning I managed to drag myself out of bed, make Kyra a bowl of dry cereal and blueberries and turn on PBS for her while I rolled over on the couch and tried to get some rest.

All the things wrong with this picture: Kyra hasn't had dry cereal in almost a year. Nor has she ate her breakfast in front of the television. Ever. And the idea that I would roll over and ignore all this nonsense... desperate times, baby.

This afternoon brought a wonderfully amazing Kyra who not only went without throwing a single tantrum, but she entertained herself for the better part of the day! And hot damn if she didn't also take a hassle free 2 hour nap.

Seriously? The kid was fabulous. I wouldn't have traded her today for anyone or anything else in the world. After her being sick or on the mend for the last two weeks, this alone is something to be noted.

This evening she happily scarfed down her oatmeal and blueberries. When she finished her bowl she noticed I still had mine, virtually untouched, and proceeded to finish that off too.

Thank goodness someone has her appetite in this house.

Tonight I gave Kyra a bath and suddenly I felt much better. Not back to normal but better. I'm not certain what the magic cure was. Maybe that I was able to eat 4 bites of food without immediately regretting it?

One way or another, I am on the mend and maybe tomorrow I'll be able to turn the air back up past 70 again. I'm a cold natured person and 65 degrees is not normal in our house. Certainly a sign I've probably been running a fever.

The crazy thing that's come out of all this sickness and yuck is the fetus has decided to show it's presence. Starting last night the little termite has been trying to kick and punch it's way through my uterus, an entire 4 weeks before I ever felt Kyra at this stage (not felt on the outside, yet, but still a creepy feeling none the less).

Apparently the fetus wasn't too happy about my illness either. What a way to show it.... I've said all along if we ever had a second child it was probably going to be a hellion since Kyra has been so easy. And kicking Mommy while she's down is the earliest proof, right?


  1. maybe the not feeling good was the fetus kicking your stomach before you could feel/realize what it was ... just maybe. here's to hoping so, and that he/she is not just a hellion!

  2. Perfect! Because a fetus kicking around would cause someone nausea, diarrhea, complete loss of appetite and all around body aches. Makes perfect sense.

    Sorry, but I'm just gonna go with the kid had absolutly nothing to do with my sickness and is just giving me a hint that I'll have to be on my toes at all times with this one.

    Besides. Why have we all suddenly forgotten Kyra was sick with the exact same symptoms last week? Last time I check, there hasn't been a two year old in history expecting a child.

    That leaves us with Erica's diagnosis of the flu. And the fetus is a hellion in the making.