Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Stolen From A MySpace Post

You have to type the 1ST thing that comes to mind whenever you hear these 35 things. You can't think and go back and change your answers. Copy and Paste, then delete answers to make them your own.
1. [Beer] - Eww!

2. [Shoe] - My drug of choice.

3. [Relationships] - are precious.

4. [Purple] - is my 2nd favorite color.

5. [Power Rangers] - my sister used to watch them every morning before school.

6. [Weed] - smells awful.

7. [Steroids] - makes people look grossly deformed.

8. [Cartoons] - never a big fan past the age of 7, except movies.

9. [The President] - needs to go home already.

10. [Tupperware] - was that popular in the 70s or 80s?

11. [Florida] - is the closest thing to heaven.

12. [Santa Claus] - I still believe.

13. [Halloween] - we need a little red riding hood costume. Anyone have it in a 2T we can borrow?

14. [Bon Jovi] - has a few good songs.

15. [Grammar] - school.

16: [Myspace] - glorified version of email.

17. [Worst fear] - Jeremy or Kyra dieing before me.

18. [Marriage] - is for.ev.er.

19. [Paris Hilton] - skank.

20. [Patrick] - Dempsey.

21. [Redheads] - cute on girls, not on boys.

22. [Blonds] - can spell peroxide!

23. [Pass the] - butter.

24. [One night stand] - Never had one. Too afraid I'd catch a random cootie.

25. [Donald Trump] - What's with the comb over?

26. [Neverland] - love Love LOVE the Peter Pan and Hook movies.

27. [Pixie stix] - My mom just sent Jeremy a 50 pack of jumbo sticks.

28. [Vanilla ice cream] - is the best!

29. [Hooters] - boobs, knockers, ta-tas, jugs, the Girls.

30. [High school] - the lowest time in my life

31. [Pajamas] - Kyra's footies are the cutest!

32. [Woods] - I miss my Granma's house.

33. [Wet Socks] - are not to touch my feet.

34. [Computer] - illiterate.

35. [Love] - warmth.


  1. i would be willing to make her a red velvet cape (so long as you don't need it all fancy and lined in satin, lol). let me know and we'll go fabric shopping (i noticed today that walmart has red velvet or a good fake of it for $4.97/yard). love ya!

  2. Kyra is going to be so cute as little red ridig hood!! I like this meme. I may steal it from you one day soon.