Tuesday, October 02, 2007

And Now, We're Broke Again

You see, yesterday I made our very last loan payment on our gas guzzling SUV. I paid off our 5 year loan in 3 years. To celebrate we bought ourselves an brand-spanking new 2008 Ford Fusion.

We test drove the Honda and left the dealership preparing ourselves to return in an hour or so to pick up a new Civic.

Instead, we test drove the Fusion and fell head over heels in love. Sure, it cost us a bit more but have you seen the safety features Ford offers that a tiny little Honda doesn't even begin to touch?
-Side impact air bag curtains comes standard.
-Passenger side air bag sensors that figure out if there's a wee little person in the seat and shuts those air bags right off.
-Driver side air bag sensors that can tell how close the driver is to the airbag and deploys accordingly. You know, so stumpy legs, little 'ole me can still sit on top of the steering wheel and and not be killed from the impact of the airbag.
-Air bag vents for when the thing does deploy I'm not hitting a brick wall but instead cushions my head like an egg in your hand.
-Tear away seat belts. The way they are made its not supposed to break my collar bone but instead give just enough to still keep me in the seat and keep my bones in one piece.
-Real freaking steel holds the car together. Not the Japanese "the lighter and thinner the better" crap. I wanna know my car is going to hold me inside, not tear like an old woman's flesh.

The Honda? They have the standard side impact curtains; and they're inexpensive and have great resale value.

The seller at the Honda dealership pushed nothing but the fact that they resell so damned well, even after we told him we'll be keeping the car for at least 10 years he kept pushing what we could get for it in 3.

The seller at the Ford dealership? Told us about the fantastic safety features. Like, did you know I have a trunk release thing- inside the trunk! You know, in case someone wants to kidnap me and stuff me in there I'll have a simple and easy glow in the dark handle to pull and voila, I'm free!

The Honda's were nice and drove well and are built solely for market value. The Ford was equally as nice and drove just as well and built for me.

Here it is, my new shiny ride. It Ink Blue, but Jeremy calls it a bass boat blue. This picture does it no justice. In direct sunlight it is prominent royal blue with little glittery blue specks beaming in the sun. When not in direct light it is easily confused to be black or a very near black kind of blue. Make sense? No? Well, you'll just have to take my word for it then.

I'm happy with it and Kyra's making no complaints so I think it's a keeper. For the next 10 years anyway.


  1. Congratulations. It is a beautiful car, and I can easily imagine royal blue in the paint. I quite agree with you about resale value as opposed to staying power. I plan to keep my cars as long as they run. It's really the only way to get your money's worth, and if it's a good car, who cares how old it is? Why does everyone have to have something new?

  2. Congrats! I wish I could see the color better...I love dark blues, so it sounds pretty!

    And I promise I'll stop to pick you up off the side of the road in my old Honda when your Ford breaks down.

    I'm kidding...I'm kidding ;D

  3. yay!!!! you got tha sexy one!!! Congrats!!! Hope to see it very sooon my love!!!

    linsy shaye!

  4. now the question is ... who gets to park in the garage during the winter? the guy who would have to scrape windows to go to work every day? or the woman who doesn't want to scrape windows on the days she goes somewhere? ... it's one we haven't finished debating at my house (now that we have a garage). LOL

  5. Ooooohhh! PRETTY! I love it. Aaron says "Ask her if I can have it" I'm sure you'd love to trade, right?