Monday, October 01, 2007

You Love Me- You Really Do!

Its been brought to my attention that you all would really like an updated post. So here you have it.

The in-laws hopped through our great state in a fiery windstorm that left Jeremy, Kyra and I exhausted and in need of some rest Saturday night.

Sunday was spent at church, then taking naps, then buying new furniture and browsing at new cars after hours so the damned sales people aren't busy hovering over you chiming over and over again "what can we do to get you into this car" to which I always have to bite my tongue from saying "You could back off, Jack Ass, so I can have a moment with my husband to decide what's the best way to run you over and make a clean break for home."

Car shopping is super great fun!

Today we have Toddler Time at the library and after that it's off to get a loan approved so we can score ourselves a sweet new ride.

Is that the update you guys were hoping for? No? Well, come back tomorrow. Jeremy has to work and it should be a bit calmer in my house. I bet I'll be able to actually throw together a post of substance.

Until then, would you guys rather see me in a Honda Accord or a Ford Fusion? Accords are always nice looking reliable cars. The Fusion wasn't even on my radar until last night when Jer insisted we stop at the Ford dealership. If you haven't seen one, Fusions are super sexy on the outside and freaking hott on the inside. Hopefully the drive is as sweet as the car itself.


  1. I am not a fan of Ford cars, although I should mention that I have never owned a Ford. However I do want to add that I am currently still driving the first and only car that I have ever owned - a Honda Accord. I received it for a Christmas gift when I was 16, so I've had it for almost 8 years. And when I buy a new vehicle, it will most likely also be a Honda. They last forever.

  2. Def. a Honda but I would and did pick a Toyota over a Honda. I really hate shopping for new cars.