Monday, September 24, 2007

Saturday Recap

182 days out to sea.

120 days with no communication.

6 port calls.

5 days R&R in Scotland.

Lord only knows how much money spent in phone bills.

Culminates to this one day.

Where we celebrate our first day back, as a family, buying Kyra a new Halloween book.


  1. that made me smile!!! glad he's home!!! now come see me :) hehe!

    Linsy Shaye

  2. Geez! You made me cry! I'm so glad he's home. HAVE FUN!!

  3. Yay! Look how quickly your world returned to revolving around Kyra! :)

  4. Congratulations. What a reunion! Jeremy, welcome home.

    It's so cool that you guys actually get to go to the pier to wait for the sub. We have to wait in the recreation area, and buses drop the guys off. Maybe our base has a paranoid commander.

    Anyway, glad you're reunited. Now comes all the fun of off crew.

  5. Congratulations that is awesome. Homecoming are the best. I am so jealous seeing as Jeremy left after 3M and got back two months before him. Enjoy your time together!

    Oh, and I LOVE Kyra's shirt.. that is too cute

  6. YAY!!! I am so happy for you......just becareful deployment is how my brother got here!!! HEHE And you guys are so cute! Tell Jer thanks for everything he does for this country....WE REALLY APPRECIATE IT.....and of course a thanks to you for allowing him to go support our freedom!!

  7. yay for the boys being home ... now to get rid of my in-laws, lol!

  8. its time to update :)