Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ahh... Sleep

Remember this post? Sure you do. The one where I asked for advice and not even Lindsey gave advice she knows nothing about? Well, with no help from you guys I've gotten Kyra to go to bed again, on time at 7, without a fight. It's taken a whole month, but I've done it!
Wanna know my secret? Black out shades in the windows. Mom already had blinds, but they kept out very little light. I bought and had Kyra's Papa put them up behind the blinds on Sunday. That's right, we've doubled up. In return, Kyra has had a peaceful bedtime since Sunday. Ahhh...


  1. Sorry we ignored you.

    I've tried this in my bedroom too, and I think it works. I have no trouble sleeping, but Jody does, so I painted my bedroom dark brown and have both shades and curtains covering the windows.

    And I hope this picture was taken from above. It took me a few seconds to figure it out! It looks like she is floating.

  2. Oh no, you're right, she is so completely floating on air! Couldn't you tell with what little you know about her that she has all kinds of magical powers. It's totally Harry Potter-ish.

    Yes, picture taken from above, the yellow thing at the bottom is the blanket on my bed, as I was standing on it to get most of Kyra's little body in the picture.

  3. Love your sense of humor....

    When we were up in NY last weekend, we left to go have dinner and a few adult beverages at the local Tavern (this is a small town of about 2500 people).We had been on the road all day from Atlanta (flew to PIT then drove to Naples) We left Remington with Grandma at about 8:30, and he was having a jolly time getting a bath. We figured he would be in bed and asleep within 30 minutes......We got home just after midnite and were met at the door by....REMINGTON!!! Tina FLIPPED OUT!!! She and her Mother had....words.
    He was pretty happy! I mean, after all, he was in charge.
    Tina can't WAIT to get home Saturday! CAN'T WAIT!!

    Glad to see your Treasure well.

  4. Awww good lord look at her!!! I wish my Kira looked that peaceful when she slept. Unfortunately if I dared take a photo of mine while she was sleeping, she'd snap her eyes open and sit up and declare play time. You're so lucky yours seems to be a heavy (?) sleeper!!

    And I'm glad you've got the sleeping thing down now!

  5. glad she's finally going to bed on time ... i hope your trip to visit us at my mom's doesn't screw it up again!