Thursday, March 29, 2007

Please, Make Her Go To Sleep

It is well after 9 at night and Kyra is still wide awake and insistent on playing.

At my house, her bed time is 7. At the latest she's up (although in bed) until 8. Since we've arrived here, she's not even attempting to go to bed, much less go to sleep at 7. Or 8. Or apparently not even 9.

I understand it is a new place for her, and there are all kinds of new things. To top it all off, no one even starts to get home until after 6. Thus, everyone walking in though the door creates more noise, which makes for a very difficult time trying to set the mood for "night night time". And our bedroom is one thin wall away from all the noise and foot traffic.

Good times. That's what we're having, good times.

Advice? Anyone? How do I get a toddler adjusted to a new place, but still keep her under the same set of rules?

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