Friday, April 27, 2007

You Know You're In the Bible Belt When....

1) The thermometer says it is 83 degrees outside, yet, when you step out your front door you're gasping for a single breath in the thick air and suddenly wondering why you're wearing Capri's and not a bathing suit.

2) On your way to the local grocer you see a truck flying a rebel flag... a f*cking huge rebel flag attached to the truck bed with a 4x4 piece of lumbar.

3) At the local grocer, a cart boy looks at your licence plate (which is not from the Bible Belt) and says "Yous a long way from home ain't choo."


  1. The truck was flying the flag?! That has got to be some sort of traffic violation.

  2. One would think... but apparently, according to Mom, they've been driving with that flag attached to the back for a few years now.