Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Today I have managed to:
  • reorganize Ruby's clothing stash.  She's mostly grown out of 0-3 month but not fully grown into 3-6 month.  All but one little stack of 0-3's are packed back into it's bin.  I was actually surprised I didn't cry over it.  With Kyra and then Lydia, I wept while putting away the too smalls.
  • wash and clean the kitchen twice already.  It still needs a third, supper mess clean up.  I'll never understand how I have enough dishes in one day to hand wash three loads, but if I put them into the dishwasher, it takes 2-3 days before it's full enough to wash. 
  • make another batch of chicken stock.  And then use a cup and a half of it for homemade tomato soup.  I still have 8 cups left over, with another 12 cups, previously made and divided, in the deep freeze.  I'm determined to use this batch and not freeze it.  I just haven't decided what I'm using it for...
  • Start and finish Kyra's school work.  Not that that takes much, she's mostly to the stage where I read directions here and there and she leads herself at the table.  I often wonder if I should skip her ahead a few lessons or an entire book in some subjects.  She says she's bored, but she also, clearly, could use the extra practice.
  • wash three loads of laundry.  I can no longer blame Jeremy for being the biggest laundry maker in the house... I think Lydia and Ruby have him beat.  Kyra, when left to her own devices, will wear the same pair of pajamas for daaaaays if I don't make her shower and change.  She's a girl of comfort and ease.
  • take apart and mostly put back together the vacuum.  There was a glow in the dark star stuck and backed up lots of dog hair into the hole.  It only took me trying to use it three times to figure out what that burning smell was from, the motor overheating!  Now if only I can figure out why the cover won't screw fully on for one corner. Hmph.
  • Before I go to bed I'm determined to clean the girl's bathroom, because, ewww.  The gross things that grow in two weeks time...  HEY, Hey, hey!  My mom was here last week... I was a bit distracted.
  • I'm also determined to take a shower.  This is one thing I do. not. miss from the newborn stage of motherhood, the being too tired to shower.  For that matter, the being too tired to even care if you shower.  Aren't you glad you're not in smelling distance?
This list, written down, makes me wonder if I've done more today than I have all week.  And I'm only wondering because, hell, I can't even remember most of the week. 

It'll be nice when I can sleep through the night again.  It'll also be nice when I'm rich enough to hire a full time maid.

Still.  I'm feeling awfully productive, even if I still have eleventy thousand more things I have yet to tackle.

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  1. whew, I'm tired just reading your "done" list. ;-)