Monday, November 05, 2012

Keeping the Romance Alive, One Computer At A Time

Oh, well, HI! and HELLO THERE!

No, as a matter of fact, I did. not. drop off the face of this here earth.  You see, I had this tiny little problem with a laptop that downright refused to work properly.  And by properly, I mean you had to have all your computer things finished in approximately two minutes time before the darned thing just froze solid.  Which kinda-sorta puts a serious cramp when trying to write things like... emails to your deployed husband.... or blog posts.... or whatever other computery related things one does on such devices. 

One email I managed to type quickly enough, two days after he left, asking him what the fuck was wrong with the computer, he replied back that he's had my poor laptop on life support for the last year and its time to get a new one.

As with most matters of spending oodles of money on crappy pieces of plastic and wire, I sat back, said we don't need a new computer until Jeremy comes back in... April... and then he can whine, cry and complain that life sucks when one does without such frivolous computer things.  And then he would impatiently wait until I agree that we don't need to take giant chunks of money with us to the grave and "Go out and buy your stupid computer." 

And then last Friday came and I got six emails all at once from him. 

Guess who's boat came off a very important, no communication allowed, month long mission!

So I slowly tried to tap out an email on my phone which I then, somehow, deleted instead of sending.  At which point I got mad and just gave up. 

A few days passed and I got a seventh email from Jeremy saying how much he missed me! And loved me!  And tell me all about you and the kids! 

So I whined and cried to myself that technology sucked and I hated it and he's bound to think I don't like him anymore.

And then he re-sent his previous 7 emails.

Probably because he's sure I didn't get them and that's why I hadn't wrote in two solid weeks...

So I sucked it up, pulled a wad of cash out of the money I intend to take with us to the grave and skipped out to buy a new desk top to replace my dying laptop.  Because laptops suck, even though they're slightly awesomely portable. 

Somehow, through God's good graces, I managed to walk into the NEX, oogle the computers while simultaneously Google checking reviews before purchasing this monstrosity

Seriously, 23 inches of screen is just ridiculous.  Our first TV, when we married, was only 19 inches. 

And somehow, still through the grace of God, I'm sure, I managed to get this here contraption home, set up and working all by my little lonesome.  A simple feat I was sure I'd NEVER have to do since I married a stereotypical nerd.

Hopefully, this means I can be a much better wife and email my husband more pointless tidbits of life like YOUR CHILD IS 8 SHADES OF UP-MY-ASS AND YOUR DOGS TORE UP THE BLINDS AND THEY CLEALY HAVE A DEATH WISH AND I LOVE YOU, DAMN IT!

Because, that right there...?  That's romance.  A type of romance one can only convey with the aid of a functional computer.


  1. I'm so proud of you for buying and then setting up your new computer without help! Impressive, especially whilst simultaneously dealing with two crabby kids and a needy infant!! Also, I'm sure Jer will be glad to hear that you still have your head above water while he's gone even if it's not so romantic. ;-)

  2. I'm so proud of you for buying and setting up a new computer all by yourself! Especially impressive since you were simultaneously dealing with crabby kids and a needy infant! I'm sure Jer is glad to hear you're all still alive and treading water while he's gone, even if it's not so romantic. ;-)