Wednesday, May 09, 2012

On My Nerves

This has been the absolute perfect pregnancy.  More delightfully perfect than either of the first two girls.  I've not a complaint.  A woe.  A whine. I have nothing but great things to say.

Until this last week and a half to two weeks. 

I'm perfectly fine all day long until it comes to the night, when I lay in bed, watching the TV, piddling on the computer.  It's then that the pain starts. 

It's almost like a muscle or nerve spasm, but painful.  Oh-so-painful.  My leg jumps, the pain radiates, and nothing seems to be under the covers to pinch, poke or initiate such a weird spasm.

I settle in for the night, now sleeping predominantly on my side, close my eyes and try to fall asleep.  The spasm and pain gain in frequency and intensity making it difficult. 

I've even began waking through the night from these spasms. 

As I was complaining to Jeremy tonight about my poor sleep and the crazy leg pains he pointed out that I've also mentioned lately how Ruby Elisabeth has taken up permanent residence in my pelvis. 

Seriously.  Like she's hanging out in the birthing canal just waiting for the starting gate to fling open.

He seems to think when I sit and lie in the bed, Ruby is somehow pushing on my sciatic nerve and causing me the discomfort.  And he's probably right, for all I know.  I haven't bothered to Google check his theory, but sounds plausible enough.

It's more painful to lie on my sides, but more uncomfortable and awkward to sleep on my back.  I've switch positions more often then I stay in one spot, which probably makes me a giant annoyance to sleep with. 

Oy!  For such an easy pregnancy, it sure is making for a shitty bout of sleep.  No wonder I still can't kick the daily nap habit. 

I wondered aloud if Tylenol might help, but I hate taking anything when I'm not pregnant... now my dislike for synthetic pills is ten fold.  But I think tonight, out of sheer desperation for sleep I'm going to give it a try. 

Here's to hoping Ruby doesn't come out with a third eye.  Can you imagine the guilt I'd feel? 

"Sorry 'bout that third eye, kid!  Hope the world doesn't shun you too much.  It's just that my sleep was clearly more important than your physical growth at the time.  No hard feeling, right?"



    sounds like Jeremy could be right ... sciatic nerve was my first thought, too (even before i read that far to see Jer suggested it). this site says to try lying on the opposite side as the pain, and to try heat and/or cold packs. hope you can find some relief!

    1. Yep. That sight describes it to a T. Except the switching sides. I wonder if she's wedged herself so no matter what side I'm on she's going to pinch the nerve.

      Children. Hmph. A giant pain even before they enter the world. ;p