Thursday, May 10, 2012

Two Weeks

The count down has begun.

The powers that be called this morning to say they have a house and keys available for us to move back to the Toxic Crap Hole.  We've been hoping this moment would come sooner, rather than later, but now that it's here--- eeek!

Jeremy's setting up our move, tonight.  We have about two weeks to prepare.  Three days out of next week, we won't even be home, but back with the Big League trying to prove gluten is, in fact, the Devil.

The house they're offering is a one story, 4 bedroom ranch sitting on a lightly traveled road and backed up to woods.  All good things.

The house they're offering us has military grade stick-in-place tile throughout the house, no air conditioning and two of the bedrooms, a local friend and spy says, are the size of a walk in closet.  All not so enticing things.

We can accept the house and move in, set up and live life in close proximity to one another with window air units to cool us all summer, or we can deny the house and hope something better comes around for our second and last chance.

They have much larger, newer, air conditioned houses in the area.... but with those houses also come neighbors stacked one beside the other with postage stamp sized yards.  

I've always said I far prefer a smaller house to a larger one-- and I mean it.  I would rather have a larger outdoor space for my children to go and play then a giant floor plan for them to sprawl inside.  So that's not exactly what gets to me.

The tacky floor tiles.  The noisy window units.  The (possible, if you believe everything you see on the internet) washer and dryer in the kitchen.  Nothing that constitutes a deal breaker.  But I can't help but wonder if there's something else, better, available.

God will give us exactly what we need, when we need it.  Still, I can't help but wonder...


  1. How exciting! Sounds decent enough and if the girls share a room, the other bedroom could be a playroom (perhaps seeming less crowded to have sleeping things in one room and play things in the other, if they're really that small).

    1. Very exciting, indeed! The girls are already planning (and extremely excited!) to share a room because they really, really want bunk beds. Though, our friend said the two bed rooms looked big enough for a twin bed.... and that was it. A dresser might be pushing it. But that was from a window peeking vantage point. Obviously it works/ed for others, so I'm sure we will manage with no problems. Probably look back in a year and wonder why the tile floor and window unit were such a bother. :)