Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Weekend Play-by-Play and the Many Reasons We're Now Broke. How Much Longer Until Pay Day?

Friday we took the girls to the circus and spent an obscene amount of money on snow cones, cotton candy and the world's most annoying twirly, light up toy for each girl.  The giddy squeals of delight from Lydia and the stare that tried to take in every. single. moment. from Kyra were repayment enough for the overpriced crap we brought home.

We'll have to see the circus again, one day.  Maybe we'll save up enough money in three to four more years to afford it, again.

I even had a snow cone, too, and damn if it wasn't the best ice I've ever had.  All I want is a giant cup of plain ice to eat, now.   I had this same craving when pregnant with Kyra.  All it took was going to the circus to bring it back.


Saturday Jeremy and I had a date night!  He took me to Goodwill and bought me a few summer maternity shirts and one pair of capri's,  then we hit up the REAL maternity store for a pair of pantyhose and a couple of bra extenders while finishing out the night with a deliciously, unhealthy, not made by me, dishes cleaned by someone else, supper at Carrabba's.

Do we know how to have a good time or what?


Today we hit up our local Catholic parish for the weekly saving of our souls.  Then we took the girls to the Y to swim for a bit before finding out Kyra's new-to-her swim suit is too big in all the wrong places and Lydia's new-to-her swim suit fits perfect... if she's not planning to swim.  (I'm not sure how many times I had to yank that thing back in place to cover her butt cheeks.)  Which is what lead to our next stop, Sears, to buy them brand-spankin-new swim suits that fit in all the right ways.

After spending too much money on two too little pieces of spandex, Jeremy somehow managed to talk me into an iPhone and calling it my Mother's Day present. 

That's what I get for saying I'll probably never own one.

Jeremy now wants an iPod Touch, saying its exactly the same thing as my iPhone.... minus the phone.  He likes all the gadgets and gizmo's but still doesn't want a phone.

Maybe it'll be his Father's Day present.  He's trying to sell me the idea using some face chat whatnot we could use between the two contraptions while he's with the boat in some distant foreign port.

I must admit, that last part does sound awfully appealing.

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