Friday, April 06, 2012

Useless Ponderings, Take 2: iPhone Edition

About that iPhone.

Currently, I have old, fancy-less phone that does the job when I need it.  Given that I don't need it in my house.  The driveway, sure, just not my house.

Or your house.

Apparently all houses are in cased in 6 inches of steel or something...

Our contract is up (and has been for many months) and I've debated whether or not I should stick to my lowest number of minutes, less expensive phone plan or upgrade to a fancy iPhone and, you know, attempt to use it.

One thing to consider is that I hate, HATE, when people call my cell phone directly, without trying to call my home phone, first.  I'm not sure where the strong feeling comes from, but it's there.  I mean, why would I purchase a home phone service if the only people using it to find us are telemarketers?  Does that not seem stupid to anyone else?

Another thing worth consideration is, I like that I can't always be contacted.  If I'm driving, grocery shopping, watching Lydia swim or Kyra ice skate.... I am unavailable and otherwise preoccupied.  I don't want to talk to you.  But my brain thinks... WHAT IF SOMEONE IS DYING AND I'M THEIR ONLY SOURCE OF HOPE?  And then I answer the phone, quickly become irritated no one is dying and I'm fairly crap at getting off without being utterly rude and annoying.

It's a downfall of mine.  This, I know.

But most of the time, the only time I want to be on the  phone is when I'm home.  AND I HAVE A HOME PHONE, THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

However, on the flip side.  Jeremy's destined to go out to sea by the end of this year.  A reliable cell phone in which he can get a hold of me anywhere, anytime, weighs heavy on my mind.  I don't want to have him calling four different phones trying to get a hold of the children and I.

She's not home... did she say she was going to her grandmother's this week?  The Land of the CornHusker?  Why is she not answering her cell phone? Why is she not standing in the driveway anxiously awaiting my call????

Jeremy's also pointed out my desire to have a MP3 player would be satisfied.  And I can check my email when he's out and I'm off traveling and without my computer.  Which led me to think we could also Skype if he's ever able to find a connection with that option available.

The kids and I.... we might not have to strictly schedule or miss his few and fleeting phone calls.

But this shit's expensive.  I looked up the cheapest rates with our cell company and it's something like $69.99 a month.  For the least number of minutes.  And spending oodles of money on a chance call with my husband when we've survived this exact situation without a cell phone before, seems a bit silly.  If not all together stupid.

Aside from being cheapskate, I'm also not a big fan of technology.  Some technology is okay, but the majority of the fancy whatnot's out today?  Completely over my head.  And I have no desire to learn.  Which makes me sound like I'm 80, doesn't it?

So.  I'm still not sure I'll ever buy an iPhone.  My guess is probably not.  But sometimes, it does sound nice.  Really nice.

{I should also note Jeremy doesn't even have a cell phone.  We've bought him one, several times, and he never used them.  Ever.  Obviously we're kindred spirits.}

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