Thursday, April 05, 2012

Easter Pondering: What's for Supper?

Big things have been weighing on my mind, lately.  Like what to make for Easter supper.  And should I upgrade to an iPhone that I'll never use to its full potential.

Serious problems in this house, we have, I'll tell you what.

One thing at a time though.

So Sunday supper.

We were invited by some friends to enjoy dinner with their family and some of their friends.  Initially, we accepted.  But then I started thinking.  Which, never fails, can lead me to change my mind a week before the big day.

The thing is, I asked if I could help cook and they kindly declined.  They've got everything covered and if we just wanted to bring a cheese plate or fruit platter, that would great.

This would mean that the only thing Lydia would be allowed to eat is a select portion of fruit, considering most fruit plates come with pineapples and grapes, both of which are on Lydia's list of DO NOT FEED, EVER.  That leaves, strawberries, cantaloupe and honeydew... for Easter supper.

You know, unless I prepare an entirely separate meal just for Lydia.

My goal in life for Lydia is slightly complicated, but also, I think, what needs to happen.  As far as food, friends and entertainment are concerned, I want to make sure she is included as much as humanly possible so she doesn't feel anytime food is involved, she's ALWAYS getting the short end of the stick. Even though she totally is.  At the same time, I want her to learn, early on, most people, places and activities are not going to be able to accommodate her restricted diet.  It simply isn't possible. 

For the big deals in life, I will always make sure Lydia is fully and completely included.  There will never be a meal at our house where Lydia is flatly left out.  There will never be a birthday cake made that she can't eat.  There will never be a holiday that doesn't have more then half of the food available for her choosing.

This means, we hardly traveled this entire shore command because, in doing so, we have to cart along a giant ass-ton of food wherever we go.  We don't go to birthday parties without a special cupcake or dish of cookies for Lydia.  We don't stop for ice cream cones, we rarely eat outside of our three restaurant comfort zone, if we lunch at someone's house, lunches for both girls are packed and we can't simply pick up a pound of hamburger from the grocery store for supper.

With that said, Easter is at our house this year, with our tiny family.  And that's okay.  Almost preferred, actually.  But what do I cook?

A turkey is defrosting in the fridge, already.  Deviled eggs made from whatever the girls dye will be devoured, without question, and the girls have requested my homemade cranberry sauce.  But, what else?

Biscuits are out, as I've been a complete failure at gluten free baking.  Mashed potatoes made with coconut milk and coconut oil are disgusting.  Sweet potatoes are not in season at the farmer's market. 

I did find coconut and macaroon pie shells in the Passover section that are Lydia safe, but what kind of pie should I make for dessert?

Lydia's allergen list has risen to include dairy, soy, corn, sunflower, safflower, wheat/gluten, grapes, pineapples, pears and any meat product that isn't grass fed/finished, pasture raised or wild caught.  When trying to come up with a delicious holiday meal, this list sucks the life out of any of my classic, tried and true, ideas.

So what do we eat?  And could this be any more of a first wold, middle class problem?  Really not a big deal, in the scheme of things, but rather annoying, none the less.

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  1. Sorry I'm no help on the cooking front, but I'm sure whatever you figure out will be fabulous (as most all your meals are)!