Saturday, April 07, 2012

This is the Year Magic Happens

Easter supper won't turn out exactly as I planned, I don't think...

The girls are determined they're going to eat all the dyed eggs.  And I didn't boil any extras for deviling.  Not such a big deal. 

I also forgot orange juice at the store for the cranberry sauce, which is really stupid of me because we passed it several times and each time I thought to myself, "Didn't I want OJ for something...?"

The big purchase win for today, though, was one of the vendors at the market had sweet potatoes!  And they even had seconds for a dollar a pound!!  I don't mind taking the ugly potatoes for half the price.  Just going to bake 'em, mash 'em, spice them up and top them off with a bag of marshmallows.  Who needs pretty when you have baked on, sugary goodness?

The ultimate win today was Jeremy's rockin' pie making skills!  I hunted 3 different stores because this here baby in my belly wants a coconut cream pie, damn it!  And no store was selling them.  So I grabbed a few ingredients and Jer made one.  FROM SCRATCH.  Add on that he also made the girls' chocolate pie from scratch, too... I say that might be the biggest win of the evening!

The girls and Jeremy also took the time to plant some flower bulbs and drop some seeds in the garden today.  Hopefully by the time we move, something will be growing in the old vegetable patch besides the weeds.

The eggs have been dyed, the girls have been put to bed and an hour and a half later, Kyra clamors into the kitchen, bright eyed and bushy tailed saying she can't sleep because she's just! so! excited!  This is the first year I'm actually really in awe of the fun side to this holiday.  I don't doubt its all due to Kyra's infectious enthusiasm.  It seem, for her, this is the year it's all becoming glorious and magical.

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