Monday, April 09, 2012

Still On That Damned Roller Coaster

About a month ago I managed to finally find a gluten free bread that didn't contain corn.  It did, however, contain "sunflower/safflower oil." 

Okay, and xanthan gum.  Which is another word for moldy corn.  Or, fermented corn, if you want to avoid the urge to puke.

Yes, yes.  Three things on her WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING? list.


So I bought Lydia this bread and decided to try it out with her.  Life seemed to move on as normal.  No rashes.  No cramps.  No reflux.

Except, you know, until two weeks in when things started to change.  Then it was the swelling belly.  The cranky behavior.  The intolerable tantrums.

Two weeks later she finished the bread and I haven't bought any more.

Today Jer and I discussed how much more pleasant she is.  How happy.  How angelic.  Again.

It's the bread.  I know it is.  It is THE only thing we've changed in her diet.

The question is, is it the sunflower/safflower or the xanthan?  The sunflower/safflower is higher on the ingredients list then xanthan, but.....  And why is it affecting the swelling of her stomach and her behavior, yet she's not complaining of pain and there are no rashes?

I don't know.  I don't know anythingExcept that I'm so tired of this stupid dance.

Lydia next appointment is in less than 2 weeks.  I swear, if these new, top of their league, doctors don't start to figure something out--- I might scream.  At them.

Frustration level?  It's up there.  Way up there.

But, hey!  At least it only took us 2 weeks to connect the dots this time!  Maybe we're not as slow at this learning curve as I thought...

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  1. ick! ((HUGS)) and prayers for her, you, and her doctors!