Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Nap Times: Blessing or Growth Spurt?

I'm certain Kyra is due for another growth spurt.  I'm mostly sure of this fact because she is, once again, taking semi-regular to regular naps.  She gave up any and all hopes of a nap last fall.

For the last 6-ish months, I've used nap times as the main part of day she gets her school work done.  It's worked out well.  Lydia's down for her nap, Kyra's not distracted and I can get three words in without having to be pulled away to wipe a butt or blow a nose. 

For the last month, I've noticed Kyra rarely gets half way through our two hour block* before she's in complete and total melt-down mode.  It's at this point I've already asked her half a dozen times if she's tired or suggested that, maybe, it might be a good idea for her to lay down for quiet time and give her brain a chance to take a break.  This is usually met with lots of tears and insistence that she's not tired and it's just hard and I don't know how to do it....!  WAAAAA!

The sob fest ends with me threatening her to pipe down lest she wake Lydia as I direct her to her comfy bed and tuck her in with a kiss and reassurance of this isn't a punishment, but her body's way of telling her she needs a break.

She's never convinced.  She wouldn't be a true child if she actually believed the words that are coming from her mother's mouth. 

Funny enough, though, she falls asleep almost every time and I wake her up an hour later, when Lydia gets up, in a happier, less volatile mood.

Today I didn't even start school with her.  Mostly because I was tired and needed a nap myself.  I simply laid her down with Lydia, told her my body needs a break, and that was that.  She slept for two. solid. hours.  Probably would've slept longer, except I insisted on waking her up.

Tonight?  We let her stay up until nine.  Usually when she sleeps more then an hour during the day, she's up until ten or later, getting in trouble for playing in her bed.  But not tonight.  She was out like a light.  Which makes me think we probably could have stuck her in bed with Lydia at eight and she'd have went to sleep with no problem.

All of this need to sleep leads me to believe she's growing again.

Of course she would be!

I just told Jeremy today I didn't think she'd need any new summer clothes this year.  And isn't it just like any and every child in this world to do their damnedest to prove their parents wrong?

*It used to take only an hour to get all her school work finish and she'd get to play quietly for the remainder of the time until Lydia awoke.  Now, thanks to all the exhausted frustration, we're lucky if she's half way done with her school after an hour.


  1. good thing you're figuring out how to alter sewing patterns ;-)

  2. I would take the time to caught with stuff, or nap yourself. Her body needs the rest and so do you!