Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chocolate! Get Your Chocolate!

Today's GREAT BIG LARGE ENDEAVOR was taking our tiny circus of clowns to the OB for the big baby reveal. 

Lydia woke up bright and early this morning letting me know that we were gonna get to see the baby in Mommy's belly and, "It is going to be a baby dinosaur and him is going to run away to her mommy and I gonna CATCH HIM and take her marble away."

{This might be a good time to let you know that marbles are part of the girl's reward system.  If they're good, they can earn marbles to cash in for goodies, special outing treats or TV time.  If they're not good, they loose marbles.  The dinosaur's running away to it's mommy must not be a good thing, in Lydia's eyes.}

{Did you also notice the dinosaur takes the form of both him and her?}

So, anyway.

Kyra skips around the house with absolute certainty it's going to be a girl.  Lydia rambles on and on about how this baby in my belly is going to be a dinosaur.

At the appointment, the ultrasound lady moved her wand over the all important area and before she said a word, Jeremy saw what I didn't and with a smile on his face said,

"It's a girl, isn't it?"

And, indeed, it is.  In 20 more weeks or so, we will be happily welcoming Ruby Elisabeth into our family.

Kyra couldn't be more thrilled.  "It's just what I wanted!"

Lydia broke down, "I not want a girl, I want a dinosaur!"  We've since soothed her, explaining it's going to be a girl dinosaur.

Jeremy is now planning the best way to build himself a protective cave upon which he can live one week out of every month as he tosses hand fulls of chocolate out to the throng of  menstruating women who'll, no doubt, be bitching about something random and ridiculous right outside his door.

This man.  A God send, he is.  How many other men would think to toss out chocolate?


  1. Congratulations, again!

    Becca's first words were, "I can't hardly wait for Rachel to get home from school so I can tell her we're getting another girl!" HAHAHA

    If only submarines could dock in Nebraska, so we could see her and you all more often!!!

    1. I love that they're so excited for us!

      And, you're right. If only.... :)

    2. I didnt even know you were pregnant again!! Congrats! Hope all is well! The girls are getting so big. I read your blog from time to time since you disapeared off facebook! Congrats again

      Meagan Curtis-Brillant

    3. Thank you! Nice hearing from you. :)

  2. Didn't we agree that something about the engineering department of submarines engenders girls? But I agree. The chocolate is brilliant. And my dad survived three girls and a wife, so Jer can too.


    1. Thank you! And, funny you should mention that! Jer said on the way home he must not have been away from the radiation long enough for things not to be affected.

  3. A house full of menstruating, hormonal, girls sounds grand to me! And I'm already searching for the perfect girly girl outfit to bring her home in!

    Congrats on another beautiful baby girl!

    1. Forget the coming home outfit, you better be searching for the perfect portrait accessories! With any luck, you'll get to capture her first, beautiful portraits. :D