Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Family Skate

I'm not sure how many wrecks she caused on the ice once the place filled up, but Lydia is a pint sized hazard.  She's like a little Kamikaze with the left foot stroke she has going.  I just want to put a skateboard under her right foot and let her go at it.  She can haul ass on the ice... until she gets her right foot moving.  Then the flailing, falling, bowling for people belly slides on the ice happen. No, really, watch for yourself.

Kyra on the other hand, has learned the art of avoiding the camera at all costs. I think I liked her baby days better when she'd flat out ignore me.  Kyra, look here!  And I'd get nothing.  When I whip out the camera now, she runs away and hides. 

I think I'm going to start treating her like I tell strangers to do the dogs... If you want Cricket to come close enough for you to pet him, focus all your attention on Bishop. Jealousy will ensue. Certainly this tactic works with children, right?

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