Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Highlights

  1. The dusting of snow.  It was a white Christmas, after all!
  2.  Kyra- after finding out Santa brought them a gymnastics mat sullenly says, "I think Santa wants me to practice my hand stands..."  Lydia- "MY 'NASTICS?! DANDA BROUGH' ME MY NASTICS?!" [squeals with joy]
  3. Lydia- peering into her stocking, "RAY-CAR!  DANDA BROUGH' ME RAY-CAR!"
  4. Jeremy- watching the girls duel with their new Harry/Hermoine wands, "Don't point those at people!"  Me- "How else are they supposed to accurately cast spells?"
  5. Kyra- opening a sand art set, "Ooooh!  Its BEAUTIFUL! Its my favorite!"  Jeremy- horrified look, "Who gave her that?" Me- "Granma." Jer- "I thought she liked us." 
  6. Lydia- sifting through a gift bag from a family friend, "I GOT PANTIES!"  Jer- "I think she likes her panties..."
  7. Kyra- kneeling in wait for Communion, "Mommy, do you see that boy a few rows behind us?  He looks like Harry Potter!  Well, not Harry Potter, but the guy in Harry Potter..."
  8. Lydia- stepping in front of Deacon to receive her blessing, "I GOT THOMAS THE TRAIN!"
  9. Lydia- yelling at Father after the mass, "I GOT THOMAS THE TRAIN!"
  10. Jeremy- said with a proud grin, "The best part of Christmas is you didn't guess your present this year."  I got a pasta maker.  Something I asked for months ago but never expected to actually receive.
  11. Jeremy- after putting together his new BluRay player and starting Cars for Lydia, he says with awe, "WOW! You don't even have to wait for this one.  It starts right up."  He received a BluRay a few years ago but wanted a second one for the main TV.  I guess things have improved in the last few years.
  12.  Kyra and Lydia- bouncing mindlessly together on their new (mini) trampoline Santa brought while watching Cars.

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