Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy, HAPPY, Birthday my lovely Lydia Kate.  Thanks to a VERY busy day yesterday, we had to celebrate your special occasion a day late.  Not that you minded, or noticed.
All you wanted was FISH! for supper once you spied the seafood monger at the farmer's market.  We made your fish.  Lemon Sole, to be exact.  You also wanted potatoes, fresh spinach and an unpeeled carrot.  We spend lots of money at our farmer's market thanks to you.  And believe me, that's a very good thing you've brought into our lives.
For desert, you wanted a Chocolate Lava Cake.  You, my dear, are a true woman.  Chocolate truly is your very best friend in any form!  You polished your plate, took your spoon, and started digging into the baking dish~ inviting your sister to join you!
This year was your year of all things that GO!  Cars, trucks, balls.  Planes and trains.  Bikes, ice skates and scooters.  If it moves, you're in love.
Which is perfect, because you received a lot of trains and cars.  You also fell in love with a new baby, two dresses, an art easel and a little electronic game.  Come to think of it, I'm not sure there's a toy made, for boy or girl, that you don't LOVE. 

Without a doubt, though, cars and trains are the front runners.
You played with this set up until we had to tear you away for a bath and then bed.  You, were NOT a happy camper!
Sometimes I think you're a giant tom-boy.  One of the biggest I've ever seen.  But then I watch you play barber shop with your babies or squeal with delight over the frilliest of dresses, and I know you're just Lydia.  My 3 year old Lydia.


  1. Happy to hear she had a great birthday! Love the photos of her with her new trains/tracks!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday. She sounds a lot like my little man and they would play great together. He even likes dolls. He likes to put them on the cars and trains and dump trucks and drive them around. Glad she had a great birthday. I can't believe how big the two of them are getting.