Friday, April 01, 2011

Mad Dash

The girls and I will be leaving very soon for our Really Big, Really Long trip.  ALL of the trip will be below the Mason Dixon Line.  Which means it'll be warmer weather then the Fucking Cold we're still suffering from here in the Arctic Tundra.   Whatever the temperature is I don't care.  Because it won't be snowing.  And that thrills me just a bit.

Upon starting to pack for the girls, it's come to my attention that Kyra has no shorts in her current size.  Not a one.  She has 10 short sleeve shirts, a handful of skirts but no shorts.

Lydia's not fairing much better.  She has probably 10 pair of shorts, a handful of skirts and 4 short sleeve shirts.  Better then Kyra, yes, but still.  4 shirts is not enough.  And I wouldn't even have those 4 shirts were it not for a friend who gave me bags of hand-me-downs a few months ago that contained, among other things, 4 short sleeved shirts.

To remedy this situation, I've dragged out my bag of fabric remnants and started sewing dresses for the girls.  I have one summery dress half done and a pillowcase dress fully finished for Kyra, and a pillowcase dress almost finished for Lydia.  Lydia's dress is so long that I have to measure the length on her tomorrow morning and after I cut off the bottom I'll still have plenty of length left to put an elastic band in to make a skirt for Kyra.  It's 2 in one.  Awesome!

With any luck, pictures to come tomorrow.  I know, you're all thrilled to bits and pieces.  I could tell.  


  1. When are you coming back? We miss you up here!

  2. Is it possible to say too soon and, yet, not soon enough in the same sentence? : )