Sunday, February 27, 2011

What A Shitty Week

Wednesday- Lydia starts a fever during her nap.

Barely into Thursday- Calls placed to the on-call pediatrician at 1:30A.M. because her fever has reached 104.7 and we're still 2 hours away from her next dose of Tylenol. Pedi says dose her up anyway, recheck in an hour.  If no relief, visit the ER, if fever goes down, call her doctor first thing in the morning.  Fever reascends. 

Thursday- Visit the pediatrician where Lydia proceeds to interrupt the visit 3 times to empty her bowels.  Doc thinks a nasty stomach bug has taken hold.  Upon informing him that, no, she can not have Pedialyte or Gatorade because of her allergies, doc informs us that The only thing she's tested positive for is corn, and that was a very low number.....  [Uh, seriously?  According to the allergist she tested negative for EVERYTHING!]  High fever and diarrhea persists all day.  Refuses to eat but has no problem drinking.  Movie day.

Friday-  Low fever.  Food refused.  Sucks down water and juice like it's the best thing in the world.  Who knew her body could hold that much liquefied poop?   Jer and I agree it might be a good idea to grant her wish to "Pay! No!" (Play! Snow!).  Fresh air and cold temps might do her some good.

Saturday-  Fever gone.  Small amounts of food eaten.  Wouldn't it just be easier to hook her up to an IV with all she's drinking?  Once again, astonished by how much shit this kid has.  Snow day, take 2.

Today, Sunday- Will only eat pancakes, crackers, bacon or bananas.  In small amounts.  At least she's eating, right?  Drinking like there is no tomorrow.  Shitting like she's full of it.  She IS her father's child!

Clearly it's been an adventurous week.  One that would be completely okay me if we didn't have to repeat.

It was supposed to be a week of ice skating everyday.  Instead we've been wiping a butt to the point of rawness.

Thursday, the doctor said this would probably last for several days.  I'm hoping we've met our quota for "several days" because this sucks.

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  1. I agree! I hope it is over for you! My mom has dealt with the same thing with all three boys. One was throwing up, one was crapping and One had a high grade fever all day which ended up being an ear infection. I am just glad everyone is over this.