Saturday, March 05, 2011


I'm throwing my hands up in the air for the day.  I don't know what to do.  Lydia seems better, but she's not.

It took 7 days before she would eat more then three bites a day.  Wednesday she surprised me by waking up and requesting breakfast.  Twice.  She ate two helpings.  Thursday morning it was three helpings.  Cereal, banana, pancake. 

She doesn't seem to have diarrhea anymore.  Which I'll take.  She was put back in pull-ups full time for several days because of all the #2 accidents she was having.  And might I mention, there is nothing worse then a potty trained child uncontrollably pooping in her pants, especially in the middle of the night.  Lydia. Was. Horrified.

But she still, STILL, is complaining about her belly hurting.  "Beh-we. Hurt. Dotor. Beh-we."  She moans and groans and cries.  "Up up, peas!"  Lots of hugs, cuddles and coddling are needed before she gets down and plays again. 

A typical game she's started playing this week is taking all her dolls and animals to the doctor.  She runs to me, wherever I am, "Beah.  Beh-we hut. Dotor." "Your bear's belly hurts and your taking him to the doctor?" "YET!" And she scampers off to wherever Kyra is, requesting Kyra play the roll of doctor.  As Kyra works on bear, Lydia finds someone else in need and repeats the whole process.

How many 2 year olds play this game?  Then again, how many 2 year olds, who don't have allergies [HA!], but still suffers mystery stomach ailments that clearly I'm not imagining.

I wish I knew what to do to help her.  Do I give her Tylenol?  Would that even help?  Or those Pepto-Bismol chewables they have for children?  Maybe we should pay even more visits to the pediatrician then we already do? 

We have a month until her new GI appointment.  Until then, I'm clueless. I wish children came with manuals.  That would be so nice. 

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