Tuesday, February 22, 2011

No Signs of Slowing Down

The sights and sounds of my Lydia, my little baby, are long gone.  My baby is now "officially" a toddler, but boy howdy, is she moving FAR away from that toddler title and head strong into a little girl without so much as a second thought to slowing down. 

It was just two months ago that we transitioned Lydia from a crib and into a toddler bed.  Already, it's a nightly routine that Lydia drags her pillow around the house asking anyone who will listen, Yee-ya?  Dia-day bed?  (Lydia?  Kyra Shea's bed?). 

Sippy and spill proof cups are no longer.  Lydia now drinks out of a cup.  A cup cup cup.  And she does it without spilling a drop. 

Lydia is speaking full sentences.  Full paragraphs.  Sure, we may not understand half of what she's trying to say, but she's doing it. 

She is monstrously independent.  My Yee-ya do it! child who tries to dress herself, putting two legs in one hole and getting frustrated when I try to step in and help.  Putting her own shoes on and wondering why I'm taking them off, telling her Good job, Babe!  But they're on the wrong feet.  This way.  Try it this way... as she puts them on correctly, all by herself. 

And, now, she ice skates.  My just turned 2 year old-- ice skates.  Marching around the ice for the third time, EVER, today.  She could stand and move across the ice better then most of the 4-10 year old's out there who used traffic cones to keep themselves standing.  All the while shouting Dia-day, I dating!  Mama, I dating!

She very much wants to be where ever Kyra is and do whatever Kyra does.  In her mind, they are exactly the same size and she can be a big girl like her big sister. 

Most of my days are spent guiding Kyra through her day, holding her hand and leading her all the way while Lydia powers through on her own, no need for my instructions, just my encouragement. 

I suppose this is probably the way it always is with first and second children.  Or maybe it's not. 

The first child lolly-gagging through life, checking out the scenery along the way while the second child blazes through, hardly stopping to notice the flowers as they yell back fower, Mommy, fower! as they play the game LETS GROW UP AS FAST AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE while running after their sibling. 

If only I could convince Lydia that there's no need to run through life.  That sometimes it's nice to keep up, but it's also just as nice to stop, breathe and admire the roses. 

I suspect it's probably  impossible to convince a 2 year old of such ideology.  Instead I'll continue to watch, encourage and hope.  Hope that she'll slow down.  One of these days.  


  1. this was so sweet that it made me tear up ... has it really been two months since she moved to a toddler bed? i don't know if i can wait until november to see you all!!

  2. My three year old will graduating from her toddler bed into a bunkbed with her big five year old sister. At 46, she is my last baby and I just want her to slow down and stop growing up so fast.