Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Where Few Things Happen as Planned

Kyra went to swimming today and did absolutely wonderfully.  She listened, followed directions and even attempted to retrieve the dolphin toy from the bottom of the pool with her classmates.  Lydia played happily in the bleachers with a frog that is used as a water exercise for the smaller kids.

After swimming, we stopped by the grocery store to pick up some lettuce, since I needed to change my menu plan for today to BLT's.  Kyra jabbered on and on, Lydia was seemingly possessed by Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Next came lunch at the ice rink.  Kyra meandered through her lunch of 2 boiled eggs, a handful of cherry tomatoes and some peanuts.  Lydia blazed through lunch, doing her best to finger the crumbs into her mouth.

Ice skating.  Kyra listened and practiced her skills in a 15 minute private with her favorite coach in the whole wide world and proceeds on with her Tot class.  Lydia donned ice skates 2 sizes too big and, for the first time, she took to the ice and impressed everyone with her ability to fall down and stand herself back up, and then fall down again while laughing hysterically. (She also Jekyll and Hyde'd it moving between tantruming in frustration and giggling though the pain)

Kyra asks to quit skating with 20 minutes left in class, her feet are cold and hurt.  An unheard of request by a true blue ice princess.  Out into the waiting room she lays on the bench looking sad and pitiful.  Upon having her favorite coach in the whole wide world coming to check on her, she falls into a puddle of mush and tears.  Inconsolable.

Car ride home.... both children fall asleep.  I park my car outside the garage in the warmth of the sun and let the girls sleep.  I went inside to grab my laptop so I could pitter on it in the car. 

Kyra sniffles and snuffs herself into consciousness and I carry her in to her bed where she promptly falls back to sleep.

An hour and a half later, Lydia wakes up as I try to escape the car for a bathroom break.  Carry her screaming and crying to my bed where I quickly tuck her in and turn on Oprah with hopes to quiet her down and not wake Kyra.  It works.

Jeremy comes home.  We discuss the fact that BLT's won't work for tonight because I don't have enough bread made and possibly eating out so I can also stop by WalMart and get some anti-snot medicine for Kyra. 

Wake Kyra up from her 3 hour nap only to find her cheeks flushed red and her body scorching to the touch.  Temperature: 103.  Dope her up with ibuprofen, call the doctor to ask if we should fill the prescription for Amoxicillian they wrote yesterday with the orders of, Fill this only if she still has a sore throat, come Friday.  

More phone calls made.  Cancel tomorrow's already rescheduled piano practice and an already rescheduled play date, again.   

Place both children in the bath (because you can't run a bath in the house without Lydia inviting herself to the party).  Lydia remains possessed by a bipolar demon Jekyll and Hyde and is hell bent on torturing her sister, laughing about it and then lashing out at Daddy when sternly corrected.  Children out of the tub and dressed. 

Lydia's temperature taken, 100.  Post bath, hair still damp.  Guessing temp is presenting less then it should, under the circumstances.  Tylenol administered.  Daddy is off to fill prescriptions.

A supper of left over bean soup that was, luckily, stashed in the freezer for just such a day, is presented and dismissed by both children claiming lack of hunger.  Night of the Iguana Chocolate Chai, a Rooibus tea, is accepted.  Clearly the girls are not on their death beds.

Movie night ensues.  Surfs Up and TinkerBell: The Lost Treasure.

Hoping for a restful night, but not counting on one.

Plans for tomorrow: day at home of rest, relaxation and lots of movies.  Wonder how that's going to pan out?


  1. Oh no! Hope your little ones recover quickly. That nasty stuff has been going around here like wildfire. It's awful, I'll tell ya from experience. On the flip side... I do love movie nights with the family!

  2. Movie nights are great! Love them!