Saturday, February 12, 2011

CrockPots and Carbs

On the menu this week:
Saturday: Creamy Chicken a la King*
Sunday: Pancakes
Monday: Ratatouille*
Tuesday: One Dish Sausage Supper*
Wednesday: Mediterranean Eggplant*
Thursday: Red Beans and Rice*
Friday: French Toast

*indicates crockpot meals.

I'm slightly addicted to my crockpot.  I own 2 crockpots, actually.  The 4 quart my mom used when I was growing up and a 7 quart that Jeremy bought me for Valentines Day two years ago to go along with this Fix It and Forget It cookbook. 

Clearly he knows how to win my heart.

I spent most of Thursday brushing up on my bread making abilities.

I made both these cinnamon rolls, which I think I've learned the hard way need to cook 20 minutes, not 25.

And these pretzels, that I ended up salting with a heavy hand.  (Oops!  Who wants a little pretzel with their salt?)

Neither one of which Lydia has ever had, both of which Lydia had second and third helpings.

And since both girls really, really enjoyed their new homemade treats, I'd call that a success.
Next week starts the real bread making again.  I'm kind of really, really, excited.  Homemade bread tastes far better then store bought.  Or, at least the recipes I steal from this genius of a lady, Erin, over at Savory Seasonings sure do!

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