Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Peaks and Valleys

Both girls seem to be doing and feeling much better today.

Lydia, for the most part, is almost back to normal.  She had her moments today, a case of the crankies, which may or may not be related to the mystery illness.  No fever, full appetite, mostly sweet.

Kyra, who seems to have been hit the hardest, has had her peaks and valley's today.  She lays low for a while, reading, resting and looking a bit pitiful.  Then she'll get up, run around and play with Lydia before crashing back down, cheeks scarlet, and asks Lydia to lever her alone, she doesn't feel well.  Her eating has been just as up and down, breakfast was had, lunch- skipped, dinner- half eaten and dessert, also half eaten.

Tomorrow will be better.  I know it...

The two of them are, at this very moment, babbling and playing with each other in Kyra's bed.  They are supposed to be going to sleep, but it doesn't sound like either one of them are tired as of yet.  This is night three of them sleeping together.  They've been begging to do it for a few months and we finally caved and let them.  It's absolutely delightful to listen to the two of them, laugh, giggle and truly enjoy each other they way sisters are supposed to.

So, so sweet.


  1. The two of them sleeping together, how precious! The joys of sisterhood. Hopefully my two little men will have their moments like that, even if they are 5 years apart.

  2. This is too sweet, I am glad to hear they are feeling better.

  3. Melinda- Jeremy thinks it's very weird that girls like to sleep together. According to him, boys don't do that because they'd end up punching each other for fun and never get to sleep!

    Mary- Thanks! They are doing great, now!