Saturday, January 01, 2011

All Domesticated and Whatnot

Lisa tells me I'm getting too domesticated to be her long distance BFF.

My enjoyment of doing the laundry and vacuuming seems to bother her.  My love to cook and bake are more up her husband's ally (okay, so she does do the cooking, too).  Homeschooling, na-ah.  No way.  Not for her.  Sewing the children's clothes? Isn't it cheaper and easier to find a good deal and just buy them something?

And now, I'm making their bedding.

No, really--
It's a quilt for Lydia's toddler bed. 

I've been picking up flannel out of the remenants bin at Wal-Mart over the past 6 months intending to make some long sleeve peasant top for Kyra (I'd already made 3) but then I decided I hated the way this fabric wrinkles so easily in the wash and the dryer doesn't do a whole lot to take the wrinkles out.  Instead of sewing beautiful garmants of clothing for my kids, I've been hoarding these reminants away, much to Jeremy's annoyance.

Today I decided, completely out of the blue, that I was going to make Lydia a quilt.  And VOILA! I have a quilt. 
Well, kinda.  I still have to buy some batting and figure out what I want to back it and bind it with... but other than that...!

It's my very first quilt (if you couldn't already tell from the simple, large square design) and I'm completely and totally winging it.  And already, Kyra wants me to make one for her bed.

A princess blanket that is pink, purple and blue.  

Mmm hmmm.....   We'll see how this one goes before I think about starting a princess blanket.  Lisa really might drop me as a long distance BFF, then.


  1. hooray for you ... and i'll never drop you as my long-distance BFF even if Lisa does! ;-)

  2. She can't drop me as a BFF, I'm too awesome. Besides, the two of you are stuck to me LIKE GLUE! It's like "Til death do us part," without the "I do!"

  3. Joelle is apart of your domesticated fan club, too! LOL!!

    It looks great- I'll be calling on ya both when I need something fun and handmade for my offspring-

  4. Hey... Always thought I was weird but I like doing the laundry and vacuuming too. Good thing too, since laundry is non-stop around here with a house of boys. Finally getting slowly back into cooking since having and Benjamin, easing into some baking. When I'm in the mood, I really love being in the kitchen. I've got a long way to go to achieve the greatness of you though Alicia. I've really been interested in sewing, never tried it though. I'll admit it, I'm intimidated. Never been successful at the crafty stuff.
    Way to go you! Gotta be one of the best "too domesticated" Mommy's I know.

  5. Melinda- I am hardly crafty! I think I might be the exact opposite of crafty. Sewing a bunch of squares together may look hard (or maybe I'm just easily intimidated), but I promise you, a kindergartener could do it! You should give it a try!

  6. I love those colors. I used similar ones with the quilt I made for my Sophie, which was likewise a big block quilt. It might be elementary; but I rather like very basic quilts with big blocks. I've made more complicated ones; but for quick and easy toddler bedding, I think it's the way to go. I bet now that you've made one quilt, you'll get the bug to make more. I know I did.

  7. Thanks, Melanie! I've seen some of the squares you've posted. You're really good! I do have the bug. I keep laying my remnants together trying to find the right combination for my next quilt. Why didn't anyone tell me it would be addicting?

  8. Thank you, Alicia. The sad thing is I haven't sat down at my machine for more than a year. How time does fly! I've got patches for a quilt for Ben almost done but one more patch needs to be pieced and then they need to be sewn together and quilted. And he's now almost 18 months old! I should have stuck with something simpler like yours. Then maybe it wouldn't seem so daunting. My goal is to get my sewing table cleaned off and finish that quilt at least before our new baby comes in February. Thank you for inspiring me to push forward.

  9. You are so very welcome. Inspiring you is the least I could do considering how much I look up to you and all the wonderful ways you find to teach your beautiful children about our Lord. I read your blog and steel more then my fair share of ideas! I hope you sit down at your sewing machine soon. I can't wait to see what new designs you create!

  10. Doesn't completing your first quilt make you feel like a different person? I had a distinct feeling of being an accomplished grownup when I finished mine last year.

  11. I do feel accomplished. But, not so much in the grownup way. It was so easy for me I don't know why I hadn't tried it sooner. My next quilt, for Kyra, will also be a simple large square design but the one after that, I'll get a bit more adventurous! Hopefully, THEN, I might feel like a real grownup!