Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stroking My Own Ego

SHHHH!!!  Don't tell anyone but... I made this skirt for Kyra, today.
I know, I know.  That last time I sewed ANYTHING was a dress two years ago.  I got the idea from my BFF who picks through remnant bins in the fabric sections and creates wonderful dresses and shirts for her kids.

Kyra pick this fabric out.  My first impression was something like-- Are you 80 and senile?  This is what old ladies wear.  But Kyra insisted.  So I bought.  For less then three dollars and ever inch of fabric used (mostly because there wasn't a whole heck of a lot), I practiced my basic hem and VOILA! A SKIRT!

Thank you, thank you!  I know.  I'm fantastic. 

If Kyra cooperates tomorrow, I'll post you an actual picture of wearing it.


  1. go, you!! looks great!

  2. I was beginning to question your sense of taste until I read that Kyra picked the fabric out. I'm sorry I doubted you!

    Seriously though, that is impressive.

  3. I've never claimed to be stylish, but I generally tend to think myself as not dressing like a grandmother. Kyra on the other hand....