Saturday, July 24, 2010

Attempting to Change Fate

Ya know, I thought about posting how Lydia might just (maybe) be sleeping through the night, FINALLY, at 18 months.  I'm positive our current record of sleeping though the night was 9 days.

Yes-- I counted.

This last stretch I've refused to count or even acknowledge the nights where I've been allowed to sleep uninterrupted.  I think it's been somewhere between a week and a half to two weeks.

It was a blessing, I tell ya.

And then there I go, thinking about acknowledging something so wonderful as having a good night's sleep-- and it's not even 1AM and I've already had to soothe Lydia back to sleep several times.

This is my attempt, Universe, at changing fate.  I'm writing about having a toddler who DOES NOT SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT in hopes that maybe, just maybe, you'll throw me a fucking bone give me a sweet and blessed break.

I'm not asking for a whole lot, am I?

** And no, Lindsey, I have not tried #43 and neither am I going to try it with Lydia.  My luck she'd pull it into her crib and then I'd have to spend the middle of the night changing out bed linens and pajamas.  Total backfire, I would think.  But thanks for the suggestion-- totally great for a good laugh!

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