Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Karma, Gets Me Every Time.

It's suffice to say that I finally fell asleep last night at a half decent hour.  Somewhere between 11 and 11:30, to be exact.  Which means it should come as no surprise to me that Lydia wakes me up at 5AM because her soggy diaper has now wet her sheets.


I trudge out of bed, change the baby and her sheets- in the dark, in an effort of not waking either her or I any further- and head back to my pillow.  Where I lay for the next hour.  WIDE. AWAKE. 

Seriously, universe?

This, too, I know I'll be paying for come the children's nap time.  If only the heavens above will throw me a bone and have BOTH children sleep this afternoon for no other reason then Mama will undoubtedly need a quick pick me up at around the same time.

I'm not stupid enough to hold my breath, though.  Lydia's been fussing off and on ever since.  Sooner or later she's gonna give up fussing and be all out screaming here shortly.  Having her awake before 7AM these days means her ONE NAP she's down to (again) (no, seriously.  She can't seem to decide from month to month if she wants one or two naps a day.) will be directly after lunch.  Kyra on the other hand won't even attempt to nap unless it's after 2PM.

Ah, Karma.  You're still a bitch.

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