Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Matter of Taste

This was Kyra's outfit today.  I'm telling you... the girl has a style her very own.  Maybe it could be considered Blind and Elderly Cowgirl?
And, by the way, that is what Kyra does when she cooperates-- she poses in weird ways.   Strange kid.

Lydia, not to be left out, wanted to be part of the photo session, too, except they were way too busy admiring each other's clothing choices then they were posing for the camera. 
Clearly Kyra is very proud of her attire while Lydia is wondering What the hell?
On another topic, these two cooperate for no one.  Trying to get these girls to sit still, sit together and take a decent picture is about as easy as herding cats.  Impossible, I tell, ya.  Impossible.


  1. Wow, Lydia is getting big!

  2. Oh but they are darling Alicia! Each so cute in her own way! Love the outfit on Kyra. She makes it work.

  3. Lindsey- No kidding! She'll be 19 months tomorrow.... where did my baby go???

    Melinda- She is JUST STARTING to form her own opinions of what she wants to wear. Most days I can still dress her and she doesn't care what I put out. Other days, well, lets just say she has her own style. And you're right, she's makes it work. Haha!