Monday, January 25, 2010

Know Your Forte

Back in December I attempted to make Lentil soup.  Not exactly "from scratch" but neither was it from a can.  We found a dry soup packet with directions to add things like carrots, garlic and a few other things I can't remember now.  Lydia could eat every ingredient and we had never tried lentil before so we gave it a try. 

And that was all that we did. 

I'm pretty sure we all put one bit into our mouths and proceeded to drink our entire glass of water.  Lydia included.  Except she had almond milk to drink.  The soup.... was horrendious.  Gross. Disgusting.  Lintel will never be made in our house again.

We ordered pizza.

Last night I made minestrone soup.  From scratch.  I cut up all the vegitibles, added the appropriate amount of water, poured in the can of beans and, eventually, the pasta.  It was like Lintel Soup all over again.  We all took a bite, drink our waters....

And ordered pizza.

Mind you, I've been told I make some awesome fried chicken, baked chicken, roasted chicken, chicken pot pie and chicken and dumplings.  Pork chops, pork steaks, pork ribs and pork cubed steak are, apparently, truely yummy and delish.  Beef steak, cubed steak, ribs, corned beef, pot roast and lasagana-- cooked to perfection (most of the time) (when children aren't distracting me).

I make and can my own spaghetti sauces, jams and fruit. 

I can bake like non other.  

My area of skill is vast when it comes to being handy in the kitchen.  At least as far as southern cooking goes. 

Soup?  Strike one and two, made within a month of each other. Clearly soup is NOT in my forte.  Which leads me to wonder: Is soup a southern tradition?

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