Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dearest Husband of Mine,

I love you for not going wild and crazy with your debit card while the girls and I were away for 18 days.  I have no doubt this was a difficult feat for you to accomplish.

However, apparently you have gone a little crazy with our checkbook.  While I am aware I gave you permission to write a few checks and pay a few bills, you need to tell me when you write a few extra checks then I expected.  Because when 450+ dollar checks come though, money I did not budget for, I must admit to being thrown through a bit of a loop.

Don't get me wrong, you have apparently paid for our propane tanks to be refilled and for that we still have heat.  I applaud you for being on top of such things, as I'm sure you are well aware of how grumpy your girls and I get when they we are cold.

The problem, here, is that you failed to inform me about such a high spend you made.  So when I come home and try to "budget" the second half of this month, I didn't take this lost money into account.  So when I applied a lot of your income to pay down our credit card, what I was really doing was making us, essentially, BROKE.  As in, we now have NO MONEY in our account.

Next time I'm away, I'll just go ahead and prewrite all checks that need to be mailed out, this way we don't run into such happenings.

In closing, I hope you're fond of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, because that's what you're eating every day for lunch until you get paid again.

My love to you for keeping your family warm,


  1. Oh, no. I have the same problem over here, except I have no idea where the money went. Jody and I took a break last November/December, so he was in charge of his checkbook. Now I have the task of tracking down about $500 work of charges that he forgot to write down, so far I've only found about $150 of it. Thank God we have separate accounts.

  2. Oh, goodness! Thank God we still have money in savings, otherwise we might be in trouble! What IS IT with men and keeping track of money? LoL