Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Piss and Vinegar

I was warned that the whole adoration Kyra has for Lydia would wear off sooner then I'd like and Lydia would become the pesky little sister who is into EVERYTHING that Krya has ever touched.

Which is not what has transpired in this household.

LYDIA, who I'm sure is full of PISS AND VINEGAR when it comes to Kyra, squeals, smacks at and cringes away whenever she THINKS Kyra might be out to do something nice for her.  Like give her a hug-n-kiss, bring her a toy, help her on to/off of her rocking horse or ride on toy or pulls her off the stairs before she makes it to the third step,  falls down and breaking her neck.

Give today as an example, I gave the girls a couple pancakes for a snack before nap time.  Lydia downed her 2 pancakes in 30 seconds flat while Krya took her time to actually taste what she was eating and only finished her first as Lydia finished her second.  Kyra tore a piece of her second one to give to Lydia (as Lydia was fussing noisily and pointing to Kyra's food as if we just set her down and NEVER FED HER) and Lydia ate it happily.  Kyra did this another 2 times, for which Lydia seemed to think she hit the jackpot.  When all the pancakes were gone, Kyra walked around the table to TELL Lydia (not even intending to touch her sister) that "I really like you Lydia, that's why I'm a good sharer."  To which Lydia replies with hateful grunts, batting of her hands in Kyra's general direction and arching of her back as if to get farther away.  

Piss.  And.  Vinegar.  That child is.

I can't wait for Lydia to start understanding cause and effect because I have a feeling she's going to be spending a lot of time in time out for being rude and ugly.


  1. Now where in the world could Lydia have gotten her attitude from.....hmmmm..... Certainly not from her mother, right? ;)

  2. HA HA HA! Yaaa.... almost, but not quite. Kyra is the spitting image of me. Looks, character, personality. Everyone who ever interacts with her says the same. Lydia is (gasp) MY MOTHER! Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. She's sweet, loving, caring one minute and Satan's hateful spawn the next. I can see now, we're going to need a good prescription plan when she gets older- if the amount of medication my mother is on is any inclination!