Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween Recap

Kyra started out the Halloween celebration with great confidence, striking this exact pose for anyone who commented on her costume.  Lydia started out wondering why in the world we have her dressed in this silly lion costume that in no way shape or form was she going to put that hood on her head. 
But it didn't take her very long to get in the swing of things.  She'd walk right up to random strangers, shout her version of Trick or Treat that sounded more like Tih A Tee!
After each girl scored their loot, they made sure to do a double take of their buckets.  Wouldn't want to loose any of that sweet, heavenly candy.  
The evening must have been a ringing success.  Kyra scored several compliments as The cutest cowgirl, EVER. and even managed to fulfill the request of one random stranger to take a picture with her little man who was dressed as a cowboy.
And Lydia... whoo boy!  Who could resist that dried up snot face as she gave up holding her bucket early on in favor of running after Kyra, shouting her Trick or Treats and when prompted to say Thank You, shouted Welcome!, because, you know, all who were graced by her mere presence should clearly be THANKING HER. 
Another successful year.  Another giant bowl of candy Mommy and Daddy will be forced to consume in mass quantities if only to protect those tiny little teeth.  Now THAT'S good parenting.


  1. Your girls are adorable. Snot and all. I hope they had fun!

  2. Absolutely adorable.

    Annika spent the whole of our harvest party sleeping on the lap of one of our church grandmas. She was dressed as Goldilocks, but you should have seen the tussle that ensued when I tried to get her to carry a teddy bear. Maybe next year, daddy will be around to take her trick-or-treating.

  3. Adorable as always! That Kyra is a total HAM! McKenzie was asked for a photo, too, with a boy pirate!