Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's Almost Like It Wasn't Meant to Be

Tuesday, we ran out of Lydia's Almond milk.  We tried to score some over the weekend but the store was out of the one and only kind Lydia can have that doesn't contain soy or sunflower goop in it.  I then tried to stop by the store again on Tuesday night, since I was already on that side of town and pick some up, except I had apparently forgotten my purse at home. 

Yesterday, since I was out of Lydia's milk, I decided to experiment with her.  I made muffins using plain old cow's milk.  By the time we put Lydia to bed, she had ate 7 muffins over the course of the day (which is no different then when I normally make muffins) and while she happily ate the muffins, apparently the muffins didn't happily sit in her stomach.  By the time we put her to bed, her stomach was distended to the point that it was hard as a rock while Lydia, herself, was as cranky as all get out and, to top it all off, she kept insisting she had to potty but never produced anything upon pushing.  When removing her from the potty she cried insisting she had to go which makes me think her belly must have been bothering her quite a bit.  My best guess, she's still allergic to cow's milk. 

Jer trudged out last night and finally came home with half a gallon of the blessed milk.... that has a new label proclaiming their now using a NEW FORMULA!  A new formula for almond milk that contains SOY.  Fucking.  Awesome. 

Today I notice we were almost out of cow's milk and wouldn't have enough to get through to Saturday- when we normally buy our milk at the farmer's market.  Pulled into the grocery store parking lot, grab the girls from their seats, grab my purse, unzip it, find purse to be empty.  For fuckity, fuck's sake- I FORGOT MY WALLET! 

I swear, it's weeks like this when I wonder what else could possibly go wrong. 

And then the phone rings.

The guy trying to salvage my computer.  "Your hard drive is dieing at a high rate of speed."  Okay, great.  We just bought that computer a year ago.  "That's the thing about hard drives, they either last for 10 minutes or 10 years and you'll never know which one you have until it dies on you."  Awesome.  

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