Thursday, October 14, 2010

In Short

  • My computer has, for all intensive purposes, bit the dust.  I've had it for two weeks shy of a year.  I like laptops but laptops hate me.  All though, I must say, I have owned 3 in my life. The first one died of old age and the second one bit the dust at the hands of my dear husband while I was away on a trip and this one?  Jer said I got a virus by reading news articles online.  Seriously.  How fucked up is that?   
  • Next up is, holy shit, it's winter!  Okay, okay.  So here in the Arctic Tundra they call it "fall" but my Sunshine State blood must run awfully deep because, this shit is cold and if we were still if Florida this shit would be referred to as "winter."  We've started plastic wrapping the insides of our windows with what I can only assume is the equivalent of saran wrap and this weekend I plan to threaten Jeremy's life if he doesn't climb a ladder to wash some windows and then saran wrap the shit out of the outside, too.  Our windows are nothing if not, essentially, nonexistent. 
  • Thirdly, I love the Book It! Program.  Kyra's favorite part of our school day has been phonics.  With all the hard work she's been putting in to learn how to read, she has now read two books in two weeks by herself.  Granted, the books contained no words larger then 3 letters and no vowels other then A, but she read them on her own and danced and jumped with delight while squealing I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M A READER!!!  Last night I rewarded her hard work with a Book It! coupon for a free personal pan pizza at Pizza Hut.  It was that exact moment in time the coupon promptly burned a hole in her pocket as she begged to use it for lunch today. I obliged.  She was giddy with excitement.  For lunch today, Kyra ate half her pizza and proclaimed herself done.  It doesn't take much to satisfy this child. 
  • Finally, have I mentioned that it's cold?  No, seriously?  It is so fucking cold that my fingers and toes hurt.  Yesterday my land lord finally sent out a furnace guy to figure out why the thing refused to even turn on.  The culprit?  Three very small cobwebs.  It took the furnace guy an hour of fiddling, flipping switches and removing pieces to decide the damned contraption has some kind of delicate flower-like cut off switch.  The three very small cobwebs, which he claims had it just turned on would have promptly blown right through the system, triggered the cut off switch rendering my house to remain cold.  Today we have heat, but I don't have enough common sense to turn it up above 68 because I don't want to start paying out the ass for fuel costs.  Instead I'll bitch about it to you.  Your welcome. 

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