Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Annual Sit on Santa's Lap Bribe

Took the girls to get their Christmas pictures taken today.  As a bribe to keep them from running around the studio like wild monkeys flinging poo, I told the girls that if they were good while I pondered which 14 sheets I needed to buy, I would take them to see Santa.

Kyra ran up to the Jolly 'ol Elf and mauled him in one of her full body hugs.  Lydia screamed, cried and clung to my arm like I was walking her down to hand her off to Satin, himself.

Kyra hopped up on his lap, informed him that she knows his real name is St. Nicholas and she's reading his autobiography with her daddy.  

I placed Lydia down, in front of the opposite knee Kyra had already claimed.  Lydie stood there, staring at something off in the distance and refused to acknowledge Santa's mere existence.  Then I popped Lydia up on Santa's knee.... where she continued to ignore him.

Kyra rattled on, asking if Santa's elves would be able to make her a Tinkerbell DVD and maybe bring her a popcorn tin, too?  Santa gave her the always smart "I'll see what we can do" answer.  I'm not positive, but I think Santa will be able to pull this off with no problem.

Santa asked Lydia what she wanted for Christmas.  Lydia pretended she was def, blind and mute.

Kyra responded that she thinks Lydia would like "a toy duck, because she really likes ducks."

Pictures were taken.  A present of a book for each girl was given.  Both girls were skipping away merrily before I ever finished paying for the photos.

Upon hitting the 30 foot mark of clearing Santa's Wonderland, Lydia turned, smiled and waved while shouting "BYE BYE, DAN-DA!"


Who knew there was a 30 foot window in which Lydia would change her mind from hating Santa's guts to loving him dearly?

They say a picture can say a thousand words.  I think this one says Kyra is totally in her element and enjoying every second of it while Lydia is clearly thinking, "You've got to be fucking kidding me."

It's also kinda reminiscent of last year's Santa photo, isn't it?  Though, instead of a squeaking duck, this year they used a squeaking snowman.  At least she didn't try to claw her way out of Santa's grasp, this time.  Right?

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  1. lol ... i'm interpretting that look to mean Lydie is way smarter than we give her credit for and she sees right through this "santa" charade ;-)